family doctor notebook open with stethoscope

We care about your health

Our clinic is part of a larger Family Health Organization (FHO). We are a community of family doctors working together to deliver the best healthcare possible. 

Please avoid walk-in clinics not affiliated with our group. 

By registering with our FHO you will benefit from:


  • Walk-in availability at our clinic during all open hours.

  • Access to even more walk-in availability at other clinics within our FHO.

  • More accurate and comprehensive medical records. If you visit another doctor within our FHO, they will send the medical information to your family doctor.  

In order for us to maintain the highest level of care, we ask that you avoid visiting any walk-in clinics that are not part of our FHO. 

If you would like to register as a patient with us, please contact our office at 905-294-7111 to make an appointment and fill out our Patient Agreement Form. You can end your enrolment with us and enrol with another primary health care group or another family doctor after six weeks have passed from the date that you complete and sign the form (or immediately if you have moved). However, you cannot change the Group or family doctor with whom you are enrolled more than twice a year. 


If you are enrolling a child under 16, the Ontario Health Ministry will contact them at 16 years of age to confirm their enrolment/consent with our Group. 

We look forward to working with you.